Welcome to the 208th Strike Regiment!

The 208th Strike Regiment is a clan formed around Planetside 2 and Arma 3. 
In Planetside, we are the oldest Woodman TR outfit to have survive under the same leadership, and has been around since beta. We are a military realism outfit who replicate the feel and atmosphere that would live within the real Terran Republic Military. We have taken the discipline and commitment from military realism and adapted its tactics and procedures to be both relevant and effective in combat. 
In Arma, we have found a game that fits our team-based playstyle well. We make our own maps, setups and events, and like to simulate different scenarios and units like a British SRR unit or a dormant Tanoa Syndicate cell. We like to play it real and hard, and simulate real life combat situations.

- We fight for a cause. We don't hop around from base to base but rather stick to one deployment type or battlefield.
- We put teamplay above personal skill. We don't care what your BR is, or the KDR you achieved. We work together and for one another.
- We follow orders. We love to play the Terran military in Planetside or the SRR in Arma and also find it beneficial. You will see that it makes us a formidable force.
- We initiate and train, learn and adapt. We have training every week, and we can help you if you need guidance or learn from you if you have something to contribute.
- We communicate. The 208th has its own Discord, Teamspeak and website and has operated these for years now.
- We have fun. We don't always try to be the most efficient, but rather have the most fun by deploying in an interesting manner or doing cool things. And yes, sometimes we line up 

If you want to be a part of the regiment you have to:
- Be active in the clan - If you will not play for a whole month (without telling us) you will be removed
- Be active in Discord and/or Teamspeak
- Follow orders in Voice Chat
- Represent us as a fair and team friendly player

If you are interested in joining us, join discord now: http://www.208th.org/page ... /discord

Join us today!  Loyalty Beyond Death!  Hold the Line!