Wakey Wakey!
Capt DoctorOyster 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 29th Aug 2018
It's been a long winter (summer) of inactivity, but it's time to put on your uniforms, say goodbye to friends, family and life in general, and get on that dropship soldiers!

During the first part of September, we are going to come back - bigtime- in both Arma and Planetside!
What's in store? Arma ops will mostly run invade and annex scripts that will help keep us all busy while maintaining staff's mental health (don't worry, we'll have a crazy Zeus op once per week) while planetside ops will mostly rely on the 208th unique style of a strike unit - eagle drops, liberty hill warpgate locks, base crashing and holding the line in a base for waaay too long.

Hope you are as excited as I am - we will conduct a celebratory meeting (also a chance to stretch those microphone muscles) on Sunday 20:00 GMT+1 with more details and perhaps a Planetside 2 excursion - BE THERE!

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