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29th Jan 2018

I just filled out application '208th Strike Regiment Recruitment'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Name = Jailabg
Age = 17
How did you get here = I was hunting boars one day and found a knocked out traveler. He was bleeding bad but I managed to bandage his wound and help me recover. In return he gave me his intelligent box called "CompUtor". He had these things called vidya and one that I liked was called "PlanetSide2" sadly the game was more for teams and I've always been solo hunting wildlife and exploring dangerous dungeons for loot. This game changed me tho, every day i started going out with people from my guild more and more and began to socialize. One day I wanted to try teaming in Planetside 2 so i joined an open platoon and had a lot of fun , it changed the way i viewed the game. A few days later I was browsing different things called "Forums" to find a group I can play with and kick spandex ass. Finally I had found one called the "208th Strike Regiment". A few hours later I found myself doing BCTs etc. And as time went on I forgot about my adventurous life and became a full blown neet who watches a thing called hentai.
Experience = Experience wise i have 100h clocked in so I have an idea of what is going on. Its fun and all but progression is tooo slow if u dont pay and it feels a bit pay2win.
Clans = CSGO/1.6/source: Teams that have played in tournaments WoW: Progression guilds with my biggest accomplishments being full cleared BT, SWP, (H) ICC 10,25 and I've been in a few PVP guilds.
Microphone = Checked
Participation = Checked
Anything else = Last year of highschool so at some points i may not be able to attend 1 op a week since i have to study hard but that usually doesnt happen until the finals OMEGALUL
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29th Jan 2018

Your application has been approved, please check your inbox for details.

Welcome back to the 208th PFC Jailabg!
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