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20th Jan 2018

I just filled out application '208th Strike Regiment Recruitment'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Name = Deathwatch187
Age = 23
How did you get here = I was coming back from a prolonged leave, only to find that the barracks was empty. Nothing left, other than a repeating message on our usual radio frequency. Something about a new home base. Unsure where this place was I to started wandering the now abandoned base, until I heard some chatter on a our unencrypted channel. Finally in contact with some of my fellow strikers, I was able to finding my way over to the new HQ. Once I finally managed to get there, I notice that my old credentials are not accepted. Sighing at the thought of having to do paper work again, I start moving over to the recruitment office. A place that holds some nostalgia in my heart. As the former XO of the recruitment branch, I have some found memories of that office. Trying to worm my way out of having to do any paper work I appeal to my fellow strikers to simply update my credentials. No luck there. So now I'm stuck filling out this form, while SSgt Jimatos hovers around me, as I quietly voice my complaints.
Experience = First time I had the honor to step in to one of the Terran Republics drop pods was the year 2012, the damn things where still in a beta testing phase. But with full trust in our engineers I felt safer than I should have. I spent 3 years with my first outfit, The Republican Guard fighting in the name of Connery. Doing anything that required boots on the ground. Everything from front line fighting on the sands of Indar, to running with the spec ops teams deep behind enemy lines in the snowy mounters of Esamir. During my years I had become a reliable combat medic, and a deadly MAX suit operator. But it was time for a change... On October 11th 2015, I first stepped foot into a 208th barracks. Thinking I knew the meaning of Loyalty Beyond Death. I was soon proven how wrong I was. During my first tour, I was introduce to the 208th tenacity that allowed us to hold the line where others would falter, and get platoons of soldiers thrown at us as enemies realized who it was holding the line.
Clans = I have marched under quite a few banners during my years. I even lead a smaller guild of brave adventurers in the quest to kill the biggest monsters, and get the most fabled of weapons and armors to fill our guild halls with. In a distant land where orcs and elves was a normal sight and a dreaded Lich king was terrorizing the lands. I also served as a mercenary, competing against other groups for the right to call ourselves the very best. And to win the most lucrative contracts. While this would put me and my friends in the crossfires of the conflicts in the Asian regions almost daily, it was some of the best times I have had, and forged lasting friendships with my fellow mercenaries. As mentioned I served for sometime with The Republican Guard during my first years on Auraxis. It thought me the fundamentals of this seemingly never ending war that we are all fighting. But the unit that I have stuck with the longest, is the 208th strike regiment, and I hope to be here for many years.
Microphone = Checked
Participation = Checked
Anything else = Now to address the biggest problem with this form, other than the fact that I had to do more paper work (Who in their right mind likes paper work!) which is that there is a 4000 character limit. While it most likely is an adequate amount for most everyone, and from a administrative perspective a very reasonable limit. Not to mention, probably the limit of what anyone handling recruitment applications would ever want to have to read in a single application. It is by no means enough to properly convey the information that this form asks me to supply. There is simply no way that I would be able to document my experience and qualifications in such a limiting form as this. And as such I would like to formally start a petition to have the Characters limit removed, so that I and others like myself can make proper applications that fully informs the 208th strike regiments recruitment officers of who it is that they are now considering to ether grant or deny the honor to server in the 208th.

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21st Jan 2018

Your application has been accepted. Please check your inbox
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