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25th Apr 2018

I just filled out application '208th Strike Regiment Recruitment'. Here is my submission for your consideration:

Name = QuasarOfLife
Age = 28
How did you get here = I used to be a member back during the outfit's first incarnation from the beginning of 2013 (I think I joined in February) to the early/mid 2015. Same username as the one I've given here. Maybe Oyster can remember me Recently I got curious about the state of the old Steam community group and the website. I clicked the link to see if it still worked and I was directed to this new site, where I could see from the news announcements that the outfit had started up again as a PS2 outfit. And well, that's how I ended up here
Experience = Well, like I mentioned above, I've played the game for a couple of years with the 208th back in the day. I've played it a bit with the BRTD, but I haven't played it since maybe mid 2016. So, it's fair to say I'm probably a bit rusty, and probably not familiar with most of the newer changes that have been made in the past two years or so.
Clans = Well, this one. The "old" 208th. A Mount and Blad: Napoleonic Wars regimen; The 4th Royal Line Infantry, I think it was called. But that was a while back. Maybe 6 years or so.
Microphone = Checked
Participation = Checked
Link to steam profile = https://steamcommunity.co ... oDancer/175751#force
Anything else =
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29th Apr 2018

Quasar old mate - great to see you again!! Of course I remember

Welcome back into the fold, we are slightly inactive atm thanks to me not having the time right now (had me some baby twins) but you are more than welcome to join our Discord and get together with some old and new folks
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