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This Recruitment Forum is an integral part of the process any candidate goes through when he applies.

Once a candidate registers to the website and fills out the recruitment form (can be found when clicking on the menu button "Join Now!" his application will be created here.

Within 48 hours an admin will either accept, reject or delay the application. The candidate will receive a PM and the admin will respond to thi application posted here in any one of these cases.

An accepted application will be locked and moved into the Accepted section. The candidate will then become a recruit, and will move on to his training.

A Rejected application will be locked and moved into the Rejected section. The candidate may apply again after addressing the problems mentioned to him.

A delayed application will stay open, waiting for an action to be performed by the candidate that was detailed in the PM he received and in the post itself. If this was not addressed for 48 hours from the time of the admin reply - this application will be rejected.

Be advised that all communication on the candidate side should be done through a PM to the admin that is addressing his application.

For any problems during the recruitment process that were not addressed by the Admin, please use the "Contact Us" button.
Forum » Recruitment Forums » Applications Locked
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