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8th Feb 2018

A pretty impressive game update is being released as I am typing this, and servers should be unlocked in 5 minutes (supposedly).

Here is the link for those who wanna read for themselves:
https://forums.daybreakga ... 248421/#post-3492795


1. Unstable Warpgates
New unlocked continents will come up in this new state. This will basically create a new lattice which ignores most of the zones in the continent, making them "inactive" (uncapturable, though still usable). This will create 2 intense fronts for each faction (each against another faction) and is implemented in order to make the "dead" continents more interesting for those still fighting on them (or those waiting in line to get into a more popular one). The unstable effect will get cancelled automatically after 2 hours or if the continent total population rises above 96 players in which case the continent is back to normal.

-My opinion: seems like a very nice idea and mechanic based on good intentions. My prediction though is that we won't be able to experience it at start because everybody will want to. Later on though, this will become our favorite zone to play in cause we are underdogs like that :3

2. Koltyr VR
Seems like Koltyr is getting changed into a giant VR room where the factions can actually test stuff on each other. VR loadouts are on, meaning everyone has whatever they want, and experience and friendly fire are disabled - making this an actual training  / friendly skirmish zone. Ground vehicles however are limited to Flash, Sunderer, and Lightning only.

-My opinion: shame for the noobs if the actual Koltyr is truely gone - it was a good zone to learn stuff in (check my youtube channel, I went there with a new char to try it). On the other hand, this new place seems an AMAZING arena for our training. I am a bit worried that they limit the population in it to 33 players from each faction though. Hopefully with two instances of it up there, we can have easy access to it.

3. Vehicle Bases
More vehicle capturable bases are added to Indar, Esamir and Amerish which will enable players to use the construction system in them, making them into fortresses.

-My opinion: after seeing the new open biolab, I am really excited for those. We got to devote an op to making a fortress in one of those sometime soon!

4. Lattice Changes
Some lattice connection and capture points in bases have been changed in an attempt to "reduce map stagnation". Seems like the devs have focused on areas that actually have a lot of unmoving fights around them like indar excavation, quartz ridge, regent rock, west pass and so on (you'll notice the focus on good old "ridge controlled" Indar).

-My opinion: well seems like something had to be done a long time ago about these stagnation zones, but I wonder if this is enough. Looking at Indar - the ground itself is designed to keep the three zones separated and hard to push through, and I fail to imagine that a couple of lattice changes will make this much different.

5. New Empire Specific LMGs
3 new LMGs - specific to each empire - are being released. The VE-H Maw for Vanu (Which is just a good all-rounder), the MGR-L1 for NC (Big mag beast) and the MG-H1 Watchman for us (Lower damage but shitton of bullets and giant mag).

-My opinion: even though it is the least important, what catches my eye was the horrible design of the TR weapon compared to the other ones. Considering it has the biggest mag of the three, it looks small and a bit like a silenced assault rifle. As far as stats - I was really never satisfied with the attributes the TR got out of the three, and even though it has its own theme which looks comparable - I already hear the cries of people like Bazino about it (taking it with a grain of salt as these same people like to cry about everything).

6. Vehicle Adjustment
Lightning is easier to control with Racer, Scythe Nosegun is being nerfed a bit, Galaxy getting a Lockon Jamming Field (which will protect OTHER vehicles near the galaxy from being locked on), the Liberator getting the afterburner as a free ability and a boost to its Bulldog tailgun, and the Harrasser being nerfed against tank cannons making it take one less shot to kill.

-My opinion: All good changes imo. Galaxy becoming more support is always interesting yet a bit redundant (you have to fly close and in formation which nobody really does - nudge nudge AIR branch), Liberator changes are amazing to pilots and will increase the use of it, and Harassers will have to look out more for these deadly tank shots.

7. More Stuff
Some changes to the new SMGs that were released that are not interesting, some nice new player studio stuff including helmets and armor, and some bug fixes.

-My opinion: why are you reading this

Hope I saved some of you some time - see you tonight!
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8th Feb 2018

Huh new TR gun looks like a slightly altered version of the T7-mini without a mag 0.o
Even now they are lazy with the gun designs huh XD
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8th Feb 2018

#worriedaboutharraserchange. But otherwise that's pretty nice, except the poorly stated TR MG, but will give it a try and see how it differs from the chaingun.
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9th Feb 2018

Ohh hyped for the linefights, those could become interesting. More vendetta's to be made for sure!
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