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The following rules apply to all the categories in this forum! Behave, if you think its crossing a line it probably is. If you still wonder where the lines are - look below. Failure to follow will lead to removal of posts, warnings and eventually temporary or final bans.

1.1. Don’t spam
1.1.1. If you do, banhammer follows.
1.2. Do not insult, flame, troll, mock or discriminate
1.2.1. Just make your point; there is no need to get a personal vendetta going because it just disrupts our community and ultimately it only gets you banned.
1.3. Watch your language
1.3.1. It is no big problem, talk however you want but do not overdo the swearing. If you do your post will be edited and you will get a warning. 3 warnings and you are without posting rights for 2 months.
1.4. Do not double post in a thread
1.4.1. The edit button is there for a reason. Use it.
1.5. No mini-modding
1.5.1. There are mods, you don’t have to do our work.
1.5.2. In case you want to report something, flag the post. Be objective in your comment and leave the judging to the moderators/admins.
1.6. Don’t bump posts. Only admins will do that.
1.7. Advertising is not allowed
1.7.1. Unless agreed opun by staff members.
1.8. No hacking
1.8.1. Any links to hacking the game, modifying gamefiles and other ways to give yourself a bigger advantage over other players that are not legal are not allowed. Will result in an immediate removal from the community.
1.8.2. Any links to files which contain viruses will lead to a ban.
1.9. No topic hijacking and off-topic posts
1.9.1. If you want to go off-topic you can create another topic with links to the original so the original topic is not diluted.
1.9.2. In case of hijack posts will be deleted or moved.
1.10. Avoid one line posts.
1.10.1. If you comment try to add something to the original post or discuss why it would not work. One line posts dilute the forum and make it more unusable.
1.11. Post in the relevant forums
1.11.1. Search before you open a topic. Maybe somebody had that idea before you and read and bump the topic if it is needed.
1.12. Don’t (ab)use caps lock
1.12.2. This has the same effect, don't abuse boldface either
1.13. Host images on public hosting sites or use our galleries
Forum » General Forums » News & Announcements Locked
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