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5th May 2018

Hi everyone

I would like to update you that as discussed in our meeting on Thursday, events can now be created by all members who's rank is equal or greater than Private First Class. Starting today, all these members will create events when they can play, filling up our neglected agenda, and making sure we maintain activity.

This step comes as a result of our lesser activity in the past month, which mostly stems from my own inactivity due to me having some new babies coming. Broadening the circle of those who can initiate and lead events seems to make sense to all of us at the meeting, as no one in particular has enough time to step up for a leadership position at the moment.

I would ask from everyone to please be more active on our website, sign up to events and use the forum. This will encourage all members (even me) to be more active, as the clan will feel more awake.

To those who would like to make events: keep in mind to make a clear title, and focus events around Planetside 2. No more than 2 events per week can be dedicated to other games as we must maintain focus and not spread around to other titles too much.

I hope these changes will help us all focus our gaming within the community, and make it stronger as a result!

Forum » General Forums » News & Announcements
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