Clan Meeting 28.02.18
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28th Feb 2018

We have met for a short clan meeting before the op today.

In the meeting I have brought up the need for us to grow further - now that we are back to Planetside. I also talked about the needs of the faction, as TR in general is lacking active and vocal leaders right now, and we have few open platoons being led actively.

As a result, we will be changing our operating method for the nearby future:

1. We will cancel the set days in the agenda - they don't seem to help get most members at the same time anyway. Instead, me and Jimatos will create events whenever one of us - or a leader (will explain in point 3) - is available for op leading.
2. We will operate our ops in one of two ways:
          2.1 - An open platoon led by 208th members with activity mostly in ingame voice chat
          2.2 - A closed squad that will use specialized tactics to achieve objectives other than base cap like destroying enemy spawn, negating                    enemy vehicles and destroying/creating bases
3. I invite all members to join us in leading ops. We (and I mean both 208th and TR) need more leaders on the ground. You can lead the open platoons, the specialized squads or both. Feel free to approach me and Jim to set yourself a day for the op. Also, I am here to advise and train any who wish it in leading - just say the word.
4. In our ops we will cooperate with the faction via leader chat. This I ask that you do not try without talking with me first - I will brief all active leaders on the how and when to communicate with the faction.
5. Lastly, I will be making a "database" chat channel in our discord that will contain messages to copy and use for squad naming / outfit publicizing in chat / redeploy messages and more. I will also use this channel for any other important protocols that leaders and players alike should know.

For any questions, post below.

Forum » General Forums » News & Announcements
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